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Comprehensive Alcoholism,  Addiction, & Mental Health Services

The Hearthstone Foundation is licensed by the State of Florida and a certified Safety Council DUI provider. We have Office’s in Volusia County DCF # 6459371071101 and Flagler County  DCF # 1859371071105. Hearthstone’s counselors are licensed, certified or have degrees.   The Clinical Director of Hearthstone is a Certified Addictions Professional and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  Our Mental Health Director is at Masters Level and has practiced in Volusia, Flagler, & Orange Counties for over 25 years.

Hearthstone programs are material based on the most current scientific research on drug use and its impact on society and has adopted the Matrix Model for our Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment program.  Hearthstone’s counselors are trained in the Matrix Model. Hearthstone has been providing Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Educational services in the Volusia and Flagler County area since 1983.

Hearthstone offers affordable prices and the most flexible, non-invasive treatment with evening sessions, weekend classes, & evaluations!

  • Every other weekend and evening groups
  • Personal and Confidential treatment Plans & counseling
  • Mon. through Thur. 9am to 3pm – Fri. & Sat. by Appt. only


Hearthstone currently offers a wide variety of therapeutic services for Mental Health & Alcohol/Substance abuse utilizing such counseling methods as:

  • Logotherapy
  • Control Theory
  • Reality Theor
  • Rational Emotive Theory
  • Disease Concept Learning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Evaluations
  • Voluntary (Walk-ins) Rehabilitation Programs
  • Probation & Court Ordered Programs & Counseling

Hearthstone ensures cost-effective standardized care with the flexibility to develop individualized treatment plans which include  (but not limited to):

  • Group therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • 12-Step meetings
  • Personalized therapy
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • On-site drug and alcohol screening
  • Supportive recovery not just treatment
  • Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Physician Referrals

Voluntary, Court, or Probation Ordered Outpatient Rehabilitation

 The Hearthstone Foundation   –   “Not Just Rehab  .   .   .     RECOVERY!!!”


Hearthstone Foundation, Daytona Beach DCF # LIC-1045225

 814  N. Beach Street, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 Phone 386.238.1348


Hearthstone Foundation, Bunnell DCF # LIC-1045225




2405 E. Moody Blvd. Suite # 202 Bunnell, Fl 32110  Phone: 386.238.1348



 Outpatient substance abuse treatment

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About The Hearthstone Foundation

Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation

Has been State Licensed and in Operation serving the Volusia, Flagler Area since 1983. Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation, Inc is a 501©(3) Tax Deductible charitable organization with a policy of open financial records to benefactors and citizens. We are offering financial and supportive aid to local Veterans and their families.  Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation Inc. includes veterans and their families in the ongoing daily operation of this program.

Hearthstone Foundation, Daytona Beach DCF # 6459371071101 / Hearthstone Foundation, Bunnell DCF # 1859371071105

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The Hearthstone Foundation offers affordable prices, with the most flexible, non-invasive treatment with evening & weekend groups, sessions, and evaluations!
Personal and Confidential Assessments & Treatment Plans.
Weekend and Evening Group Sessions.
Mon. through Thur. 9am to 3pm.
Fri. & Sat. by app. only.
(386) 238-1348



Hearthstone Foundation

812  &  814  N. BEACH STREET

      (386) 238-1348



Hearthstone Foundation

2405 E. MOODY BLVD.  SUITE 202

       (386) 238-1348




The Hearthstone Foundation is dedicated to providing quality outpatient substance abuse treatment services at an affordable price.